Can Yağız, bazen stüdyoda
  Can Yağız, sometimes in the studio
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Similar to the first cold day of the year, when you grab a coat you haven't worn in a while and put your hands in the pockets, and find a piece of receipt, a used tissue, caramel wrapper, and a band-aid, also used.

And not being able to recognize who these remains belonged to?
still grassy field – accelerates
bicycle intrude 35 miles per hour
                            56 kilometers per hour

glass cups atop of fridge
landscape, crease

burst dulled sense, lukewarm ensue

knife with the blue handle

bush-like florets bundled
quietly dried while they await
deployed into forest

paper tape with serrated end
cardboard bend, economical

first-aid’s deceivingly mere steps
clean – cover – secure

this bread was a loaf but now’s a brick
I assumed fatigue